Cleaning recommendations for Measles

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  • Due to the fact that the virus only lives on surfaces for the period of two hours, there does not appear to be a need for any special cleaning over the weekend.  However, we did complete a proactive, rigorous “special cleaning” on the day that the students' symptoms were identified.

Spencerport Central School District requested guidance on any additional, appropriate cleaning to help minimize and prevent the spread of the measles virus after learning of 2 confirmed cases of Measles at Canal View.

The MCDoH provided the following:  Monroe County Health Department logo

As you know measles is a virus and can easily spread to others through coughing and sneezing and transmission is primarily person to person via large respiratory droplets.  The measles virus has a short survival time in the air or on objects and surfaces (reported to be up to 2 hours after a person with measles occupied an area).

One of the most effective things to do to help stop the spread of measles is to wash your hands frequently and encourage the staff to do the same. If the school allows, they can also consider using hand sanitizers as well for extra protection.  Properly discarding waste such as paper towels and tissues is also important.

Measles virus is susceptible to many EPA-registered disinfectant   We recommend that the school check the products that staff currently use to make sure that they are appropriate against measles virus (paramyxovirus, genus Morbillivirus).  Additionally, it is really important to check to be sure that the product is used correctly and according to the manufacturer's recommendations.   If it says to spray on the surface and leave for XX amount of time before wiping then they need to do this for it to work effectively and disinfect.  

Routine cleaning and hygiene procedures is recommended and similar to cleaning schools during influenza and norovirus seasons and outbreaks, targeting high touch surfaces and areas to be cleaned more frequently can also be highlighted with the staff.

I've also included the school cleaning webpage link that they might find helpful.